GIVING BACK Arghand is a model of sustainable economic development, with all profits going back into the cooperative in Kandahar.

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RIGHT: Arghand's 5.2 kw photovoltaic generator was made possible by a partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency.  It is comprised of 32 solar panels and 32 batteries, and harnesses Kandahar's bountiful sunshine to provide enough clean electricity to run an electric seed oil press 4-6 hours per day, 7 days per week.


OUR ENVIRONMENTAL PLEDGE  Arghand products are made with 100 percent natural, hand harvested, whole plant ingredients.  They are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials.  Our beautiful violet glass jars are made from recyclable glass that slows oxidation of our products by blocking out harmful UV rays.  Our Kandahar atelier runs entirely on solar powered electricity.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT  In addition to creating the highest quality skincare, Arghand's goal is to create a viable economic alternative to opium production, the major industry in Afghanistan.  Our profits go back into the Arghand Cooperative to support and sustain the men and women who work for equal pay and participate equally in all aspects of production and management regardless of gender, ethnicity or tribal affiliation.

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